Just experienced a huge burst of frustration re my book goals. I’m behind in editing book 1. Not inspired re book 2. Behind on blog posts. Book 66*, my Nanowrimo project that’s been so exciting, seems to be dragging as well. I keep fussing over the same scenes instead of generating more ideas.

I’m also behind on my blogging goals. I did post something (here: )It was imperfect. I might edit it, but I’m glad I posted anyway. Perfectionism is what kept me from blogging last year.

I’m posting this too. It isn’t beautiful but it can be done without a computer.

For book 2 inspiration, I’m going to look to Pinterest. There are some charts. My Pinterest writing tips board is public and available here:

Any encouragement for me? Do you need any encouragement right now?

*Edited because I updated my file numbering system


Being political in writing

I started to leave a comment on this blog post “Keeping the You Out Of Your Brand,” available here:

Decided to blog about it instead. This is my first reaction, and when I have more spoons, I’ll expand on it. (If you don’t know what people mean by spoons, looka here: )

I’m a black woman with a disability. My existence is politicized. My existence informs my work. Thus, my work is politicized. My choice to write about characters facing bias in school, work, or the justice system are necessarily political choices. I can’t pretend they’re not just because they’re in a romance novel. How can I promote works that wrestle with the ideas and never talk about them otherwise?

After reading the blog post and my comment, what do you think? Leave a comment please.